Vision Trip to Spain

We've been evaluating the possibility of moving to Spain to teach secondary English and Math at a school in Madrid. After months of praying, sharing, listening, and seeking the Lord on where he is leading us, we decided to take a Vision Trip to visit the school and meet the team we would potentially be a part of. We returned from that trip this past Saturday.

The school is Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA). It serves 1st through 12th graders. There are about 90 different students from 11 different nations. The majority of the students are children of missionaries in Spain and other nearby nations. The school exists to provide a quality Christian education that will prepare the students for higher education and instill in them a strong sense of purpose and understanding of God’s word. Without this school, many of the missionaries working in this part of the world would not be able to be on the field.

There are many different ways we could be involved in international missions, but right now, we feel that serving at a school like ECA allows us to have immediate impact on many different people groups and ministries. We essentially have the opportunity to serve over 30 different missionary families by educating their children and encouraging them to play a future role in missions themselves. It also allows us to impact the Spanish neighbors and the community we would be a part of.

But why Spain? We wondered that at first ourselves. It’s not a place we’d ever had on our radar before learning about ECA. But what we’ve learned about the country is startling. Did you know that less than 1.4% of Spain’s population are Evangelical Christians? The Joshua project has labeled them as either a formerly reached, or falsely reached nation. Like much of Europe,Spain is in desperate need of light and a true representation of God’s unity and character. Most Spaniards are closed to the gospel and depending on their own wisdom instead of God’s. Many associate evangelical christianity with the occult and are turned off the by legacy the roman-catholic church has left in their country. They don’t want to discuss religion and want even less to do with it. It’s hard, rocky soil, but one that desperately needs seeded and watered.

We will continue to pursue this opportunity unless God closes the door. We have already applied with the school and World Venture (a missions sending agency). When we were in Spain, we met with different families on this team and it felt like a great fit - like being with old friends. We are waiting to be appointed and then would go through training and developing financial and prayer partnerships. Our original hope was to be there by early August 2017 for the start of next school year. That may not happen because of all that must be done between now and then. But we trust that the Lord’s timing is perfect, and that he will provide for all our needs.

We will keep you updated in the coming months. In the meantime, would you please join us in prayer?

  • Please pray that we will follow the Lord to Spain if he is leading us there.

  • Please pray that we will discern the Lord’s will over our own.

  • Pray that He will prepare the hearts of financial and prayer partners in advance.

  • Pray for protection against spiritual warfare.

More to come in the coming weeks and months.

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