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Big big news to share. A few weeks ago we reported about our recent vision trip to Spain. Today, we are excited to follow up and tell you that we have officially accepted the teaching position in Madrid, which means, we will be moving our family there in the near future.This was not an easy decision for us, but after much prayer and seeking God in his word and through the wisdom of others, we feel confident this is where the Lord is leading us. And since he is the good shepherd we will follow him. Now we must keep our eyes fixed on him so that we don’t sink into the water he’s called us to walk on. Spain is in desperate need of truth and Christ, but we believe the blind will see there. And we will go there and love people and share the good news and live out our faith in front of them. But only through the power of his Spirit. Our goal is to arrive in Madrid by August so that we can start the fall semester. That is a pretty aggressive time frame, and there is a lot to do between now and then. And we will need a lot of help to get it done. First, we need to build partnerships with people who are willing to support us prayerfully and financially. Secondly, we need to get some training. Thirdly, we need to get visas so we can live and work in Spain. Fourthly, we need to prepare our house and vehicles to be sold. Finally, we need to finish our time in Evansville strong. We genuinely want to be an encouragement to others as we go through this time of preparation and partner development. It’s our heart’s desire to be an extension of the church’s hands and feet in Spain. We will be sharing our story with local congregations and individuals and through that hope to mobilize others to be involved in missions in various ways. We believe that the blind will see in Spain. And you can be a part of that. Would you consider getting together with us in person so that we can tell you more and discuss how we could partner together in this journey? Here are some ways you can pray for us. We are also committed to praying for you.

  • Pray for our emotions as we prepare to leave friends and family and the comforts of our home and culture.

  • Pray for us to keep our eyes on the Lord

  • Pray for protection against spiritual warfare

  • Pray for our children to be ready for the move

  • Pray for our language study - that the Spanish will stick in our minds!

Thank you!

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